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This encyclopedic website, run by the official Ellen G. White Estate, has more in-depth information about the life and work of Ellen White.

Want to read the many works of Ellen White for yourself? This website hosts her complete published writings, with topical searches and more.

For free audio downloads of Ellen White's writings visit this resourceful website.

Want to learn even more about Ellen White? This website is highly recommended and has many excellent articles.

Still have questions? This website provides clear answers going more in-depth into the critics and their claims.

Ellen believed that understanding the Bible's teachings about death and the afterlife was very important for Christians. This website has similar teachings to what Ellen White believed about these topics and explains the biblical basis behind those beliefs.

Ellen was a Seventh-day Adventist, a church that worships on the Seventh-day Sabbath. This site explains the reason for this practice in the same way that Ellen White might have explained it if she were alive today.

Ellen's religious experience was utterly transformed when she finally understood the biblical meaning of hellfire. This website has a similar understanding of hell that Ellen had, and it explains the biblical basis behind them.

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