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Remarkable Health Council Pt. 2

Excess Sugar
In 1890, Ellen White warned against the effects of excess sugar consumption, saying that it tended to “clog the system.” In 1905, she said, “the free use of milk and sugar taken together should be avoided.”

Now the jury is in on the sugar’s culpability in adult-onset diabetes. In addition, science has shown that foods that feature large amounts of milk and sugar — such as puddings and ice cream — tend to raise serum cholesterol and can contain oxidized cholesterol, a culprit in atherosclerosis.

Fresh Yeast
In 1905 Ellen said that “bread should be light and sweet. Not the least taint of sourness should be tolerated. The loaves should be small, and so thoroughly baked that, as far as possible, the yeast germs shall be destroyed.” This counsel cut directly across the then-current health fad of eating live yeast for B vitamins. Since then, research has shown that live yeast cells actually take up B vitamins in the system!

The contribution Ellen White has made to the field of nutrition is incalculable. At a time when meat was thought to be mandatory for strength and vegetarianism was virtually unheard of, she churned out pages of counsel recommending a plant-based, unrefined diet.

Since then, medical science has confirmed the benefits of a plant-based diet, and correspondingly the dangers of a high-fat, animal-product based diet. Most recently, National Geographic magazine published a cover article on longevity, which featured Seventh-day Adventists. The article calls Ellen White “an early figure who helped shape the Adventist Church,” and says that because of her vegetarian-diet prescription, Adventists, “rank among America’s longevity all-stars.”

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