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Childhood Trauma

Ellen White’s legacy in literature is surpassed by few, her work encompassing a broad range of topics such as religion, education, health, relationships, evangelism, prophecy, publishing, and nutrition.

According to one researcher, she is the third most translated author in history, and the most translated American author, male or female. As far as we know, she wrote and published more books, and in more languages, which circulate to a greater extent than the written works of any woman in history.

By the close of her 70-year ministry, her literary production totaled approximately 100,000 pages, or the equivalent of 25 million words, including letters, diaries periodical articles, pamphlets, and books.

But all of this is even more remarkable when you consider the tragic childhood accident that changed the course of her life …

In 1836, while nine-year-old Ellen was walking with a group of schoolmates, an older girl followed them with childish threats. Just as Ellen turned, the older girl threw a rock that smashed Ellen’s face, knocking her unconscious and causing her to bleed profusely.

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