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Steps to Christ

Composed of just 13 short chapters, Ellen White’s life-changing masterpiece on practical Christianity, Steps to Christ, has been published in more than 150 languages with well over 100 million copies in circulation. Since its first edition in 1892, it has brought inspiration to millions of readers and seekers around the world.

Its purpose is to point readers to Jesus Christ, who alone can provide unending joy and relief from the pains of a world gone mad with evil. While encouraging both doubters and seekers to embrace the teachings of Jesus and join with Him through a saving relationship, it also teaches how to survive and thrive as God’s people in a sin-filled world.

Readers from around the world have been impressed by this book to better understand God’s love for humanity, our need of Jesus and His Holy Spirit  for overcoming doubt, spiritual growth, faith and acceptance, and much more. It not only presents God’s plan of salvation — forgiving grace — this book encourages readers to trust God’s promises of empowering grace whereby self-destroying, self-centered habits can be overcome by new, Christ-reflecting habits.

As one publisher notes, “Never has the pathway to Jesus Christ, to enter a personal relationship with Him, been made so clear, as through this remarkable volume. … Aside from the Bible, no book ever written has shown so unmistakably how to become, and then remain, a Christian.”

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