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Adventists: Who Are They? by Doug BatchelorIn this exciting sharing DVD, Pastor Doug shines a light on the history and foundational beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, providing a clear and in-depth understanding of one of the faith's fastest-growing and influential churches operating in

Product Code: DV-WAA
ISBN: 9781580193375
Author: Doug Batchelor
Price: $6.95

Desire of Ages on CD by Ellen WhiteWe all desire happiness. Through all ages of history, we have desired it. But this inexpressible desire of all ages cannot be found in things, in fame, in power, in pleasure-seeking. It can be found only in a Person. And you can probably guess who that Pe

Product Code: CD-DOA
ISBN: 9781883012960
Author: Ellen White
Price: $75.98

Keepers of the Flame DVD Set by Adventist HeritageKeepers of the Flame examines the great stories of faith and controversy that have led to the emergence of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. 2 DVDs contain all 8 episodes.

In a vivid way to learn or teach Adventist Church history, Dr. A

Product Code: DV-KOF
ISBN: 9780828020213
Author: Adventist Heritage
Price: $43.98

Seventh-day Adventist Believe by GC of SDASeventh-Day Adventist Believe shows in detail how each belief is grounded in the Bible an

Product Code: BK-SDAB
ISBN: 9781578470419
Author: GC of SDA
Price: $13.98

Steps to Christ (UN Building) by Ellen White'For God so loved the world he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.' Learn how to find this Man through this timeless treasure from one of America's most beloved and published writers.

Product Code: BK-SC
ISBN: 9780828016995
Author: Ellen White
Price: $0.75

Tell It to the World by Mervyn MaxwellTell It To The World

Product Code: BK-TTW
ISBN: 9780816313907
Author: Mervyn Maxwell
Price: $13.98

The Great Controversy (Illustrated) by Ellen WhiteThe Great Controversy describes the gradual limiting of our personal freedoms. This is one of the most dangerous developments in our time. You can now get to know the background of these efforts. 

Behind the scenes of w

Product Code: BK-GCH
ISBN: 9788770930413
Author: Ellen White
Price: $15.98

The Heartbeat of Adventism by Herbert DouglassDr. Herbert E. Douglass provides a clear and deep analysis of Ellen White's understanding of the great controversy theme and will provide honest seekers with the indispensable big picture from which to frame the world and the church's quest for truth. Product Code: BK-THA
ISBN: 9780816324583
Author: Herbert Douglass
Price: $18.98

The Seventh Day (5 DVD Set) by Hal HolbrookHosted by veteran actor and narrator Hal Holbrook, this five-part documentary series traces the amazing history of the Sabbath in human history. This must-have, fascinating look at the Sabbath and its universal meaning in our lives looks back to the earli

Product Code: DV-SD
ISBN: 9781930920255
Author: Hal Holbrook
Price: $89.98

Thoughts From the Mount of Blessing (Hardback) by Ellen WhiteThe Sermon on the Mount has been called 'The Manifesto of the King' and 'The Magna Carta of the Kingdom'. It is the essence of the teaching of Jesus presented to His disciples.

To those who heard it on the hill overlooking Galilee it had an

Product Code: BK-TFMOB
ISBN: 9780816300471
Author: Ellen White
Price: $9.98

William Miller and the Rise of Adventism by George KnightBlack Wednesday 
October 23, 1844 

This was to have been the first day in heaven. Instead, the Advent believers found themselves still chained to Earth, reeling in shock and griefthe laughingstock of a jeering w

Product Code: BK-WMRA
ISBN: 9780816324323
Author: George Knight
Price: $23.98

Your Friends, the Seventh-day Adventists by Ken McFarlandKen McFarland. Do you know much about Seventh-day Adventists? They run hospitals and schools, and may even live on your street! In this great sharing book, you'll understand where they come from, what they believe, and what they're accomplishing in the wo

Product Code: BK-YFA
ISBN: 9780816320134
Author: Ken McFarland
Price: $1.40

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