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The Writer

Ellen White made a remarkable contribution to the world of literature. Her prolific pen spilled forth 25 million words and 100,000 printed and handwritten pages that formed more than 5,000 periodical articles and 49 books. She is, according to one researcher’s probe into the Library of Congress, the fourth most translated author in the history of literature. In addition, she is the most translated American author of either gender.

Her work encompassed a range of subjects including religion, education, health, social relationships, evangelism, prophecy, publishing, and nutrition. Her life-changing masterpiece on practical Christianity, Steps to Christ, has been published in more than 150 languages with well over 100 million copies in circulation. Her crowning literary achievement is the five-volume “Conflict of the Ages” series, which chronicles the war between good and evil from beginning to end.

Of course, it’s true that quantity is not quality, that prolific writing is not necessarily good writing. Perhaps that’s what is so remarkable about the writing of Ellen White — it is both abundant and skillfully crafted. Her writing is characterized by substantive quality that sets her apart from most pens.

Her writing is profound and yet practical, spiritual and yet sensible, dramatic without sensationalism and warm without being syrupy. Readers experience peace of mind and a reassurance of soul, which tends toward sensible, moral, and compassionate living. Simply put, the love of God shines through her words.

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